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happy genie

made from apples
 not animals


Endless possibilities

One bag, multiple options, for today and tomorrow.  Express your individuality by transforming your bag with changeable clutches that attach to the front. Additional customisation is offered with the straps and handles. Welcome to the world of genie.


Changable clutches, straps and handles to transform the look for every occatsion & every season.

Endless possibilities

Design and Combine as you wish and make customize it to your wishes.

Responsible luxury

We work with the best of the best in Italian craftsmanship. Produced by the same manufacturer behind some of the leading luxury fashion houses, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality products with a large emphasis on responsibility.


Classic colors on a classy handbag-

Italian craftsmenship is key for these  luxury pieces.

Wear it solid or combine it with every accessory, strap, handle or clutch of our collection.

Vegan innovation

Vegan bags exist, but not ones made from apples! happy genie is at the forefront of innovative fashion technology, offering sustainable, cruelty free fashion. 

Vegan bags exist, but not ones made from apples!


We are using probably one of the most sustainable, cruelty free & innovative materials on the market and guess what, it's made out of apples.

Without causing any harm to people, animals and the planet.

Our mission

Creating a sustainable & multifunctional luxury handbag without causing unnecessary harm to people, animals and the planet.

happy genie - ethical handbags for today and tomorrow

Our Values


We love animals. After years of working in the fashion industry and developing a successful ethical sister brand, we just had to take it to the next level. Our new line cuts out animal products all together.


As the population grows, consumer consumption increases. The result, increased waste. We believe in solving this issue by using waste from the food industry to produce high quality bags that our customers can use for years to come.


It is our obligation to ensure our customers investment in happy genie rewards our manufacturers and suppliers. They share our values of fair working conditions and in providing work for the local community. We make our supply chain happy.

Making the supply chain happy.


Quality usually comes at a price but at happy genie we don't compromise to increase our profits. We ensure that our luxury products are of the highest quality possible. Customers pay for the products, not our overheads.


We are happy to showcase our suppliers, supply chain policies and practices, and environmental and social impact. happy genie shows you how the apple can fall from the tree and end up in your hands as a luxury product. Seeing is believing.


Through our brand, we aim to inspire others. The values we follow, and the decisions we make today, impact those who are here tomorrow. Our payback scheme helps organisations who share the same values and help to impact the world.

suppliers, supply chain policies and practices, and social and environmental

Want to know more about us?

For more information or press request please contact us directly.

happy genie, Antanas AG, Seestrasse 112, Bae​​​​ch 8806, Switzerland 

happy genie lanciert die weltweit erste Handtasche aus Äpfeln. Das Apfelmaterial welches dem Leder sehr ähnlich sieht wird oft auch Apfelleder genannt und ist sehr hochwertig, sowie auch strapazierfähig. 

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